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Living Arts Dance Studio recommends using Revolution Dancewear and their online dancewear store called Nimbly for LADT Dancers.  We have selected leotards, tights and shoes for each of the three types of LADT rehearsals:  LADT Ballet, LADT Rehearsal and LADT Technique.  LADT Dancers are expected to wear black leotards (Advanced) and mulberry (Intermediate).  A LADT Dancer has to change only their shoes from ballet to the other LADT classes.   Additional bottoms, tops and other items can be purchased on Nimbly.  Each guardian will need to create a username and password to order via Nimbly.  

We look forward to seeing our LADT Dancers not only follow the all LADT policies, and seeing they aspire to wear the appropriate dancewear for LADT rehearsals and performances.  

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