About the Studio

Living Arts Dance Studio opened its doors in September of 1992 in the town of Mason, MI by our founding director Susan Byrd. For several years we had just the one location until she decided to open a second studio in the town of Williamston, MI. We currently have studios in both towns and provide a high level of dance education that's mentally and physically healthy and fun.  

All of our instructors periodically attend dance teacher conventions in places like New York and stay up on all the latest teaching trends through groups like CLI Studios. Keeping our instructors educated gives us the knowledge to teach our students new approaches to dance instruction and is fundamental in keeping things fresh, fun and new.

We live by the motto that Dance Makes You Happy! 

Meet Our Instructors


Miss Susan has danced since the age of 5 and always knew she would have a studio one day. She began assisting classes at the age of 15 and started teaching at 16. Once she graduated from Owosso High School, she attended Lansing Community College and studied dance. During her college years she traveled to Barcelona, Spain to study dance abroad. She was also a member of Happendance Modern Dance Company for 10 years.  

Miss Olivia started dancing at Living Arts when she was 3 years old and hasn’t stopped. Once she was in high school she pretty much went on the same path as Miss Susan by assisting classes for several years and then becoming an instructor. She has a passion and true talent for instructing young children. Miss Olivia has also earned a degree in business from Lansing Community College.  Miss Olivia has been a Living Arts instructor since 2011.


Miss Brielle also grew up on Living Arts dance floors   She came up as an assistant and is now in her 5th year being a Living Arts instructor. She has a passion for dance like no other and students will love her teaching style. 

Miss Sophia has been at Living Arts Dance Studio since she was 3 years old. After four years of assisting, Sophia is beyond excited to teach her own classes. She has been a member of the Living Arts' Dance Team for 5 years and especially enjoys competing with contemporary routines. Outside of dance, she is a senior at Williamston and enjoys traveling and baking. She has grown up at the studio and can't wait for what's to come.


A special note of thanks to

Lauren Heins Photography

for these beautiful photos. 

2020/2021 Dance Assistants

Living Arts has assistants that help out each week in several of our classes. This is a tremendous help to our instructors and our students love it.  


This season's dance assistants are:

Emma Arend

Bailey Besko

Macey Carlson

Morgan Carlson

Anna De Le Cruz

Kyle Poyma

All Living Arts instructors and assistants love what they do. Their true passion and love for dance is evident in their teaching style in which all dancers, young and old, beginning to advanced benefit from their teaching style. 

They know Dance Makes You Happy!