Studio Policies

Inclusionary Statement 

Living Arts Dance Studio seeks to inspire ALL people to find love of lifelong dance.  

General Policy

All classes run with a regular school year and meet once a week from September to June's Spring Recital.  Students work on basic technique and new steps according to the Ages & Levels established for each class. See current schedule for classes being offered at this time.


All dance classes start with a warm-up consisting of the technique appropriate with the discipline you are studying (ballet, tap, jazz, etc.).  Once dancers are warmed up properly, we work on center floor combinations and traveling steps across the floor.  After the first of the year all classes will start preparing for the Spring recital. 

Spring Recital - 2023

To be determined. 

Class Room Policy

  • Please be on time for class. If you are over 5 minutes late you may not be able to attend class.  Being on time allows for the students to become focused on the class. If you are late you miss out on part of the warm-up which is an important element to the class. Proper warm-up aids in injury prevention and technique is also involved with the warm-up.

  • Students must be dressed properly.  All female dancers must wear a leotard for all classes other than hip-hop. Ask your instructor about appropriate clothing and footwear.  Dancewear must be fitted to the body, allowing the instructor to make proper corrections to the dancer.  Hair must be pulled back and secured away from the face at all times.  If hair is long enough for a ponytail it must be pulled up.  If you are not dressed properly for dance you will get one warning.  If you attend another class not dressed appropriately you will not be able to participate in the class for that day.

  • Being mentally prepared for class is just as important as being physically ready.  Students disturbing class will be asked to sit out until they are ready to join the class in a manner which is acceptable to the class room environment.  If improper behavior persists the student will be asked to leave class for that day.

Waiting Area Rules

Please drop off your child a few minutes before the start of class.  We ask that parents, family members and friends please leave the building once you have dropped your student off.  This allows for students to easily transition into class activities.  Please pick up your child promptly at the end of class.  

Missed Classes

If a student misses a class they may attend a makeup class suitable for that student.  If you are not sure which class is appropriate please ask your instructor for assistance.  Classes may be canceled for bad weather.  If this happens we will send out an email and post it on our Facebook page.  The studio is also closed for Memorial Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Break and Spring Break. 

Payment Policy

There is a non-refundable $35 per individual or $50 family annual registration fee paid at the beginning of the season.  All class fees are due on the 1st of the month. Monthly rates are always the same.  The season consists of 35 weekly class sessions from Sept – June. Monthly tuition is based on the average of 3.5 classes per month.  Some months have as few as 2 weeks and others have 5.  You are not paying for scheduled school vacations and holidays.  Our calendar is based on the local schools.  Credit will not be given for missed classes due to illness, snow days or personal commitments.  You are welcome to make up any class missed.    If payment is not received by the 1st of the month a $10 late fee will be added to your account.  Invoices will be emailed out approximately 2 weeks prior to their due date.  You can pay by cash, check or credit card with our online payment service.  If outstanding bills are over 3 months late the student may be dismissed from the class. If a student drops out, that month’s tuition is non-refundable.  All classes must be paid in full before the annual spring recital.  All classes must have a minimum of 4 students enrolled. Classes with less may be canceled.  Costume deposits (due in November) and costume fees (range between $45-$65) are both non-refundable.

For Your Information


Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Living Arts will put out periodic newsletters to keep you informed on what is going on with the studio and its students. Important dates will be posted in these letters to remind you of performance times, holidays, etc.  You will receive all information via the internet and on Facebook.  We also have copies at the studios when they come out.



Feel free to contact us directly with questions on any of these policies.

Phone or Text: 517-819-9361