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Class Descriptions


Ballet establishes foundational dance skills used throughout most other dance styles.  It is a precise and highly formalized set of movements that are light, graceful, and fluid.

Dance Disney

Do you love Disney?  This class will be all about Disney and the styles of dance will include some ballet and jazz movement.  They will learn about characterization bringing Disney characters to life in this class.  One week they may be a beautiful princess and the next they may be a terrible villain. It's going to be so much fun!

Combo Classes

This class combines two styles of dance (Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Jazz, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Tap/Jazz). The dancers will learn 2 dances (a dance from each style), perform them both in the spring recital and two costumes will be purchased for this class.

Broadway Dance

Our Broadway dance class incorporates ballet, jazz and modern dance styles in addition to theater skills and acting. Students will learn dance styles by being introduced to various Broadway shows.  A Broadway style piece will be performed at the spring recital. 


A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including: modernjazzlyrical and ballet

Creative Movement

This beginning level class introduces dance to young children. It incorporates basic dance elements and locomotor skills with use of props, imaginative play, and fun music to explore space. 


A quickly evolving street inspired dance form that has made its way across the entertainment world.  With various styles, hip-hop is strong and percussive, yet fluid.  Best done with sick amounts of swagger.


Jazz dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, strong technique, big leaps and quick turns.  Not only seen on Broadway shows or musicals from the early days of Hollywood, jazz dancing can be found everywhere.

Living Arts Dance Team (LADT)

LADT is our competitive dance team taking dance to the next level. LADT has three levels of dance teams competing a local dance competitions.  This is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn valuable life skills, taking critiques from professional dance judges as they improve their dance performance quality, and self-esteem.  All LADT teams require an audition for placement.  


A form of dance that uses tap shoes to strike the floor creating complex percussive sounds and rhythms. An American invention, tap style of dance in which your feet become musical instruments.

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