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All Living Arts Live Zoom classes require a Meeting Password sent via email.


Classes are open to any new student and any current 2019-2020 Living Arts student and family members in their household (until the end of June 2020), and can take as many Live Zoom classes as they want.    

Exploring and new students can join a Living Arts Live Zoom class by registering here to attend your first class for FREE.  The meeting password will be sent to you.  


Dance makes you happy!

Zoom Class Tuition

$50 Unlimited Zoom :  Unlimited classes for all members of your household per month.

$40 40-Minute Class:  A single 40-minute class, 4 times per month.

$30 30-Minute Class:  A single 30-minute class, 4 times per month.

$15 40-Minute Drop-In:  Drop-In to a single 40-minute class.

$12 30-Minute Drop-In:  Drop-In to a single 30-minute class.

All existing Living Arts 2019-20 students have access to Unlimited Live Zoom classes through May 31, 2020.



Ages: 0-4 & Caregiver


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Young Dancer

Ballet/Jazz Combo

Ages: 5-8


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Hip Hop Class

Hip-Hop/Jazz Combo

Ages: 8 & Up

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Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 8.50.59 AM.png

Trolls World Tour

Ages 3-6


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Sitting Ballet Dancer
Spiderman Costume

Super Hero Academy

Ages 4-8


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