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Living Arts Dance Studio is proud to present our 2023 Spring recital Out of this World.  

We have three shows: two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  

Show tickets are selling very quickly and can be purchased HERE.

The spring recital and dress rehearsal will take place at Williamston High School, located at 3939 Vanneter Rd, Williamston. 


Anyone attending the show needs to purchase a ticket if they are sitting in a seat.  All seats are assigned. 

We will have some Living Arts Merchandise available for purchase at dress rehearsal and the day of the shows.  Included will be clothing, recital bears and candy bouquets.  These make wonderful gifts for your dancers and we have you covered.

5:30 PM Friday, June 9th Dress Rehearsal:  

Williamston High School

3939 Vanatter Road, Williamston

Please arrive to the auditorium ready to dance in costume with full makeup and hair at 5:30pm. Doors will be open at 5:00. No food or drinks are aloud in the auditorium.  Make sure to put makeup on heavier than you normally would as the lights wash out faces.  We have attached an image below to help you out. Make sure to not wear underwear under tights as they tend to stick out and are an eyesore.  No earrings, jewelry or nail polish can be worn during the show either.  All students who need tights for their outfit should have received them.  At dress rehearsal we will be running the finale first for each show.  This is a basic bow sequence that all dancers will be participating in.  Once that is finished we will be running dances out of show order and having younger kids go first.  This way once they are done they can go home.  Rehearsal and show is attached and will be posted on all dressing room doors. 


We realize some dancers only have one dance in-between some of their dances but this is the best we can do taking all dancers into account.  We will set quick change dancers up back stage if needed.  The doors will be open 30 minutes before the shows on Saturday and Sunday.  All dancers must stay back stage during the entire show so we know where they are and can find them easily when it's there time to dance.  Parents will need to check in their younger students the day of the show.  We will be dismissing all of the younger kids from the stage directly after each show.  This should make parent pick-up go more smoothly than in the past.  We are giving it a try this year to see how it goes.

You are aloud to take photos and video during dress rehearsal but not during the actual shows.  This can be a distraction to the performers as well as the people sitting around you. 


We have DVD's for sale. We have a professional videographer recording the show and will have links as well as DVD's that you can purchase.  

Please make sure all of your tuition is paid off.  Students will not be able to perform if there are outstanding balances.  All outstanding invoices have been sent out.

Face Make Up 

Costume Requirements

Mason Costume Requirements.png
Williamston Costume Requirements.png

Dress Rehearsal Order

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 4.54.38 PM.png

Show Programs Blacked Out for Show Veiwing

Show Orders

Recital A - June 10th 2:00PM

Recital B - June 10th 6:00PM

Recital C - June 11th 2:00PM

Sun 2pm order and cast.png
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